Welcome to Dreamy Vegan, where every spoonful whisks you away on a whimsical journey to the sweetest corners of your childhood. Our founder, Tanisha, drew inspiration from the love of her family and the magic of her great-grandmother, Meme, to create a world of delectable dairy-free delights.

**Our Journey & Ethos:**
At Dreamy Vegan, we believe in the enchanting power of nostalgia. Each scoop is a nostalgic trip, transporting you to cherished memories, bite by dreamy bite. Our imaginative flavors redefine taste boundaries, promising delightful surprises.

**Nostalgia & Creativity:**
Captivating nostalgia and boundless creativity guide our flavors. Each spoonful evokes cherished memories and uncharted tastes, where joy knows no bounds.

**Family Love:**
We embrace the warmth of family love. It's the extra sprinkle of enchantment in every Dreamy Vegan experience.

**Customer Joy:**
Our dedication is to your joy. We aim to exceed your expectations, creating moments of unadulterated bliss.

Our brand cherishes storytelling, weaving dreams into every bite, making dessert an experience worth sharing.

**CocoBear, Our Dreamy Companion:**
Meet CocoBear, the enchanting blend of coconut and teddy bear. He is a stargazing dreamer by night, sparking wonder under the starry sky.

In Dreamy Vegan's world, CocoBear is more than a teddy bear; he's the embodiment of dreams, preserving sweet memories and guarding wonder.

With every vegan ice cream scoop, CocoBear leads you on a magical journey, rekindling the childlike wonder within you.

Join us on this whimsical odyssey, where dreams take the form of dessert. Together, we'll share the enchantment of Dreamy Vegan with the world.

Stay attuned to our captivating journey on social media, and let's enhance this dreamy voyage. Subscribe to our mailing list where dreams and whimsy await your arrival. Thank you for being part of our dreamy escapade. We're eager to delight your taste buds and warm your hearts with every dreamy mouthful!

Pick-Up Location & Date:

Commercial Kitchen, Time 10am-6pm on Sunday, October 15, 2023

712 Orange Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90813 from 10AM - 6PM.

Event on Sunday, October 08, 2023

BITS & KEYS Grand Opening

Pickup options and payments are currently not offered on our website. You can pickup your order from Bits & Keys Grand Opening event on Sunday, October 8th from 12PM - 5PM.

Address: 5909 W Cerritos Avenue, Cypress, CA 90630

Someone from our team will email you to confirm your order.

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September 30, 2023
12PM - 6PM
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Anna's Joint
443 Pine Avenue
Downtown Long Beach, CA 90802
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October 08, 2023
12PM - 5PM
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Bits & Keys Grand Opening
5909 W Cerritos Avenue
Cypress, CA 90630
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